Cecilia Bratt

Business mentor, GTM expert and educator

Hello, nice to meet you 🤝

I'm the founder at 10Labs; where we support CEOs and B2B founders with GTM expertise, business mentoring and trainings to upskill.16 years in the startup scene as COO and CMO have brought a lot of learnings. I’ve scaled a business from 0 to 9 figures in 3 years as COO, managed 100s of people and coached even more founders and CEOs.

Business Coach at Sting

I'm also a business coach at Sting, the largest startup accelerator in the Nordics, supporting founders that build in impact, cybersecurity, edtech, fintech and disruptive technologies.

Some things about me

  • Bilingual. Swedish + based in Stockholm. Raised in UK and US.

  • Certified coach, MSc Business from SSE, BSc Psychology (ongoing/2025)

  • Passionate about digital productivity, facilitator of Building a Second Brain

  • Love hiking, coffee, improv and talks about the future

Connect with me

Feel free to get in touch, book a short intro meeting or check out my course.

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